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Mental Gastric Lap Band Weight Loss


The Mental Gastric Lap Band® process uses hypnosis to make your mind believe that you have had surgery to place a physical gastric band around your stomach.

Slimr Mental Gastric Lap Band

However, in contrast, the Mental Gastric Lap Band®, is completely free of surgery and medications. Plus, it is far less expensive.

no surgeryNo Drugs

Through hypnosis, the method uses a Stomach Limiting Induced Muscle Response (SLIMR®), making your stomach wall muscles contract. This creates the sensation of a small upper stomach similar to the surgical gastric band.

You are satisfied with a small quantity of food, therefore eating less and beginning to release excess pounds.

Cravings down

Living Proof That Hypnosis Works!

Through hypnosis, in just a few short weeks, Shirley is living proof that Hypnosis works with losing weight!

Shirley bef Shirley after
Before Hypnosis ..................
After Hypnosis


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