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Pam's Blog
Pam's unique style of looking at life gives everyone a refreshing perspective that can help each day a joy. Read her Blog here, and be sure to subscribe so you will receive upcoming messages that she will be sharing.


Pam's Book
Pam's book, Wismatic, is about a Mother's journey of love for her children, and finding the Old Wise One within.


Links to Learn More About Pam

- Radio Talk Show with Dr. Carol Francis, interviewing Pam about her experiences and her book, Wismatic

- Video of Pam discussing her book, Wismatic

- Video Interview with Pam discussing her book, Wismatic

- Phillip Young, PhD, book recommendation of Pam Yount's book, Wismatic


Links to Learn More About Hypnosis

- International Hypnosis Federation

- Shelley-Stockwell Nicholas, PhD & Founder of IHF

Pam at Delphi Temple


Hyp-Know Thyself Hypnosis Center
PO Box 2751
Hickory, NC 28603



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