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Clean Your Genes - Create Your Ideal Genes


If your life is not moving along smoothly, or if things you desire are on hold, maybe
you should use hypnosis to "clean your genes". Starting with a clean slate, hypnosis
can help you to recreate, or rebuild them to be as you desire them.

Clean Your Genes releases the blocks in your blood-line, so you can have everything you desire, and to be the one you choose to be. It also opens your heart's love so the flux of pure Divine Light can filter through your heart's love.

Every one of us have ancestors, each who have contributed to our individual DNA.
Our bloodlines are carried forward generation after generation. Genetic sequences are stored in the cellular memory banks in our body. Through hypnosis, the DNA chains of our ancestors are broken, releasing the bloodline. Hypnosis speaks to the memory cells in our body's about the fears, thoughts, behaviors and false beliefs that we are victims our our genes.

Clean Your Genes sessions last 1hour..... $60

Create Your New Genes is an experience of Spiritual Alchemy where you take a great leap of faith into consciousness, transcending space and time. Once the old bloodline has been cleansed, there is a clean slate! From here, your ideal genes can begin to impact
all aspects of life - you can truly create the life you desire.

Create Your New Genes sessions last 1hour..... $60


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