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Commonly Asked Questions About Hypnosis


What can hypnosis help correct?
Hypnosis is ideal for:
- Losing weight in order to "get their lives back" or have more energy
- Stopping smoking, alcoholism, substance abuse and food disorders
- Pain management
- Stress management
- Conquering phobias
- Panic attacks
- Compulsive obsessive behaviors

Who can benefit from hypnosis?
Hypnosis is ideal for:
- People who desire to live a healthier life
- Anyone who desires to lose weight in order to "get their lives back" or have more energy, and easily do the things they used to do
- Those who choose to stop addiction issues like smoking, alcoholism, and food disorders
- People requiring assistance with stress and/or pain management
- Anyone faced with phobias that prevent living a full and active life
- Those dealing with panic attacks or compulsive obsessive behaviors

I'd like help, but do not want to be made to do things that are silly or beyond my control?
Hypnosis is not as it is depicted in the media - no swinging watch or controlling of someone's mind.

Hypnosis is all about empowering you; it's not about making you do things. During a session you are always in control. The hypnotist simply helps to facilitate your experience.

I want to lose weight. How many sessions will it take?
Hypnosis is a process, and is not a "quick fix". Multiple sessions may be required, depending on the severity of the phobia or addiction.

Weight loss programs are based on the amount of weight that is desired to lose. Pam offers two types of weight loss sessions.

The 8-10 week program, is ?perfect for anyone desiring to lose 25 lbs. or less. This is a group program, usually made up of 3 or more people. This provides a support group of others who have similar goals and desires for themselves.

The 13 week program ?offers individuals one-on-one hypnosis sessions and is ideal for anyone choosing to lose 30 or more lbs.

How about smoking cessation, stress or pain management, or other issues? How many sessions will it take?
Session durations will vary depending on the progress of each individual.


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