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Weight Loss
Hypnosis facilitates weight loss by assisting in recognizing the things that cause excess eating.

Hypnosis also aids in increasing the body's metabolism and encourages exercise. Read more...

clean your genes
dna If your life is not moving along smoothly, or if things you desire are on hold, maybe you should use hypnosis to "clean your genes". Read more...


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stop smoking
Hypnosis is a proven technique to help with stopping bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and all addictions.

Within just a few sessions, hypnosis reverses and stops unwanted behaviors. Read more...

Aura Pictures
An Aura is an energy field in and around us. Every thing, living and non-living, has an aura, or energy field around it.

Auric fields are represented as colors, ranging from red to violet. Aura photographs indicate the areas of your life your energy is being used. Read more...


Past Life Regressin
Past Life Regressin
Some people believe that we have lived many lifetimes, with those experiences shaping our lives today.

Hypnotic regression searches within to research the causes of current conflicts from previous lives. Read more...

Interested in learning more about Hypnosis? Or, would you like to become a certified Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist?

Pam is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Hypnotherapist with International Hypnosis Federation. Read more...


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